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 Shoalhaven Young Professional Mentor Program

Now Accepting Applications for both Mentor and Mentees for the 2020 program

Places are filling up fast. Dont delay apply today.


The mentor program combines social and networking opportunities with personal development and growth through one on one mentor meetings and Knowledge Tables.

Participants are matched with Mentors and meet once a month over a period of five months.

Participants choose four topics for personal and professional development. Four Knowledge Tables will be delivered on topics chosen by participants and led by an expert in that field. Topics may include: public speaking, presentations, negotiation, writing skills, conflict resolution, e communications, time management, business planning.


Apply to become a Mentoree

Gain further confidence and knowledge to help you develop your professional career. You will establish invaluable networks and friendship bonds with both your mentor and peer's. 

Apply to become a Mentor

Get behind the Shoalhaven Community and help us develop, retain and attract professionals to the Shoalhaven.
Let's continue making the Shoalhaven a fantastic place to work and live.




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spba welcomes new members and would be delighted to meet with you.  You can discover more about the objectives of the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association and a membership application form by clicking here. Please contact us to talk more.

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Mentor Program

2020 Young Professional Mentor Program.




If your business is interested in being part of a dynamic and connected professional industry business group, contact us to request a membership form.

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If you are interested in talking and meeting with a Committee member about the spba network and membership; professional life in the Shoalhaven; relocating your business to the Shoalhaven; jobs for professionals in the Shoalhaven; career paths or more.

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