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spba Ten - year Anniversary Event 


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Celebrating Ten Professional years

The Shoalhaven Professional Business Association (spba) is an organisation, whose sole purpose is to retain, develop, and attract professionals to the Shoalhaven. 

Last Friday night the spba celebrated its tenth year in operation. Taking a moment to look back at its achievements as well as preparing for the future ahead.

The President of spba Anna Finch said that ‘as the recently appointed third President of the spba, I have a significant job ahead of me.’

‘Not only to lead as others who have led before me, but to ensure that the spba stays true to its founders whilst continuing to evolve and meet the needs of our current and future professional generations of the Shoalhaven.’ 

‘The evening was all about celebrating the amazing things we are doing for the extraordinary professionals of the Shoalhaven’.

‘And what a celebration it was!’ 

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