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The spba need's you! 



In order to keep our association relevant for Shoalhaven professionals today and in the future, we’re seeking the advice of its members – you.

As a unique group that aims to support and nurture local professionals in all stages of their careers, as well as encouraging people to move to the Shoalhaven, we need to ensure that we continuously provide engaging and relevant content, support and professional development.

We need to get your views on how you think we can evolve as the Shoalhaven's only professional group.

We’re conducting a series of workshops for all ages and stages of professional careers, so if you'd like your opinion heard and you’re happy to volunteer a little time, please register your interest via the link below.




Interested in spba membership?

spba welcomes new members and would be delighted to meet with you.  You can discover more about the objectives of the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association and a membership application form by clicking here.   Please contact us to talk more.

What's coming up?

Mentor Program

2020 Young Professional Mentor Program.




If your business is interested in being part of a dynamic and connected professional industry business group, contact us to request a membership form.

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Talk to Committee Members

If you are interested in talking and meeting with a Committee member about the spba network and membership; professional life in the Shoalhaven; relocating your business to the Shoalhaven; jobs for professionals in the Shoalhaven; career paths or more.

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