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SPBA Committee for 2018/2019


Anna Finch

Vice President

Graham Stokes


Darren Wearne


Tania Goodman


Tim Harvey
Grant Gleeson
Greg Pullen
Carolyn Hagedoorn  
Lindsey Jones
Andrew Truran
Sue Schofield
David Goodman
Jamie McAinsh
Elspeth Finney (SYP)


Support new young professionals in the workplace.

The Shoalhaven young professionals (syp) are keen to support young professionals new to the area and/or new to the workplace.

Please contact us for an Integration Plan Questionnaire (for all workplaces) that employ young professionals – for new young professionals to the region.


spba Breakfast & Committee Meetings - 2019

 click through for minutes of breakfast meetings.

spba Breakfasts:                                                          spba Committee Meetings:
14February                                                                   18 January
11April                                                                           7 March
13June                                                                           2 May
 8 August                                                                       4 July
10 October                                                                     5 September
                                                                                       7 November




spba Breakfast & Committee Meetings - 2018

 click through for minutes of breakfast meetings.

spba Breakfasts:                                                          spba Committee Meetings:
15 February                                                                     18 January
19 April                                                                           15 March
14 June - includes the Great Debate                             17 May
 9 August                                                                        12 July
11 October - includes Annual General Meeting              13 September
                                                                                        15 November


spba Breakfast & Committee Meetings - 2017 

 click through for minutes of breakfast meetings.

spba Breakfasts:                                                          spba Committee Meetings:
 9 February                                                                     19 January
13 April                                                                            16 March
 8 June                                                                            18 May
10 August                                                                        20 July
12 October - includes Annual General Meeting              21 September
                                                                                        16 November



spba members congratulate our new spba Aussies:


spba Leadership Compass Graduation.

Welcoming the Premier of NSW with a Phyco gift.


SPBA thanks our Committee for 2017 



Steven Bayer

Deputy Chair

Darren Wearne


Brad Moore


Tania Goodman


Graham Stokes
Grant Gleeson
Greg Pullen
Robbie Collins
Lindsey Jones
Andrew Truran
David King
Anna Finch
Sue Schofield
David Goodman
Daniel Arthur (SYP)


EDUCATION, TRAINING or CAREER grants to Shoalhaven Youth

100 grants given 2013 – 2017.   $106,630 value of financial support provided 
2017 started with a ‘bang’ for the Shoalhaven Education Committee! The committee has been busy accessing grant applications, conducting interviews, notifying successful applicants and holding our annual presentation night.
The current round of grants for 2017 closed on 31st December 2016 and a record number of applications were received.
40 grant submissions were received from Shoalhaven Youth and for 3 days in January 34 motivated and inspiring young people were interviewed. It was truly inspirational listening to their ideas, dreams and plans for their future.
24 grants were distributed including the annual Scott Morrison Scholarship.         




spba thanks our 2017 SEF HERO businesses: 




        spba thanks our individual HEROES who contributed.                  


Welcome new Members of SPBA

Welcome to Professionals new to spba and/or to the Shoalhaven. 

spba is unique to the Shoalhaven and is an Association born from the desire to grow and support the professional industry sector and its people in the Shoalhaven.

We enjoy meeting and talking with other Professionals.   Our Committee and members welcome opportunities to talk over a coffee/tea about spba and doing business from the Shoalhaven.  The Shoalhaven is a great choice for lifestyle, working and growing.  As we do business locally, regionally and nationally, we can meet up with you at most locations.

We look forward to meeting with you.  Please contact us


spba Breakfast & Committee Meetings - 2016 

 click through for minutes of breakfast meetings.

spba Breakfasts:
11 February 
14 April
9 June 
11 August
13 October - includes Annual General Meeting

spba Committee Meetings:
21 January
17 March
19 May
21 July
15 September
17 November

2016 - spba delivered:

  • The Professional Snapshot.  
  • Policy in the Pub - an syp initiative
  • Young professional personal and professional mentor program.   
  • Judging auditors, Shoalhaven Business Awards
  • Joint SPBA/SYP events 
  • The highly popular Winter Wine Tasting at Silos
  • Active and successful syp calendar of events
  • Trivia and more social fun.
  • Professional Development with schools
  • spba hero businesses donating $2,400 to the Shoalhaven Education Fund.  Thank you to: Financial Dynamics; University of Wollongong Shoalhaven Campus; Architects Edmiston Jones; Carter Ferguson Solicitors, GHD and Sikorsky Helitech. 
  • Career bus in partnership with Shoalhaven City Council 
  • Inspiring and excellent guest speakers at breakfasts
  • Continued growth in spba membership base
  • Supporting the growing Shoalhaven allied health network.

spba: sponsorship - Shoalhaven Education Fund

Click here for more information (and to download an application) for the Shoalhaven Education Fund.  The Fund has been set up by the Shoalhaven Women's Conference as a community resource to provide grants to young people who need assistance to help them achieve their post high school education or career goals.

spba is a proud sponsor of the Shoalhaven Education Fund.

Each year since SEF was formed, spba HERO businesses donate.  Over the past four years spba HEROES have donated $12,000 to SEF.  We thank spba HERO businesses and acknowledge and recognise that being a leading business in the Shoalhaven is being part of a vibrant community that reaches out to enable those around us.

In 2017, spba HERO businesses donated $2,600.  In 2016, spba business Heroes donated $2,400 (see photo), we thank our 2016 spba Business Heroes:  Financial Dynamics, UOW Shoalhaven Campus, Edmiston Jones GBB, Sikorsky Helitech, GHD and Carter Ferguson Solicitors.  

In 2015 spba business Heroes donated $2,000 to SEF:  we thank Tait Miller McIntyre Accountants; SET Consultants; Architects Edmiston Jones; RMB Lawyers and MHSCo Maritime Helicopter Support Company.

In 2014, spba business Heroes donated $5,000 to the Shoalhaven Education Fund.  Thank you to the spba Business Heroes:  GHD & Shoalhaven Water; Tait Miller McIntyre Accountants; Edmiston Jones; RMB Lawyers; Financial Dynamics; Shoalhaven City Council; University of Wollongong, Shoalhaven Campus, Telstra Business; Shoalhaven Defence Industry Group (SDIG); Sikorsky Helitech. 

See below:  Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Sue Schofield, spba, and Elizabeth Wilson, Nowra High School, at the 2013 Awards Ceremony held at the Shoalhaven Campus, University of Wollongong.  Well done to spba members for their support and to Sue for her enthusiastic participation.

Shoalhaven Education Fund Awards 2013

Young Professionals lead the way

 a closer look at Shoalhaven Young Professionals (SYP)

The Shoalhaven Young Professionals (SYP) is a social group set up to emulate the ‘Friday night drinks’ culture of the big Sydney and Melbourne firms. Although a lot of the attraction of living and working in the Shoalhaven is being part of a small, dynamic team this can often mean that young professionals do not have the same opportunities to meet and mix with others in the area.

Meeting monthly, SYP alternates between lunches and drinks to accommodate either those who would not be able to attend during the day or those with young families, meaning after-work commitments are not possible. Every second month SYP also combine their social events with SPBA (Shoalhaven Professional Business Association) giving our group more exposure to the ‘older’ workers in town – they are a wealth of knowledge and a great source for; potential job opportunities, to gain more information about certain industries, or just about what’s really going on in the area!

There are no formal membership requirements or commitments and each of our events are self-funded so that we don’t have to charge annual fees.

So whether you are at Uni and want to find out more about potential jobs in town, or have been working here for years in one of the professional firms but would like to meet some new people – come along to the next event and say hi!

The SYP team


News Bites


Steven Bayer, HERO Business Edmiston Jones GBB Architects, talks with Sammy Spark, at Charles Sturt University.   spba HERO businesses support young people through the Shoalhaven Education Fund




Small Business Showcase - an Online hub for workplace laws


  • Information on topics that are most relevant to small business owners, such as hiring, paying and managing employees, handling employee requests, and keeping accurate records
  • Short instructional videos which demonstrate how to use our tools and resources, including the Pay Calculator and our Online Learning Centre
  • An interactive small business checklist so that small business owners can check how they rate against critical business requirements.

Visit the Small Business Showcase now.



Mental Health in the Workplace

How to promote mental health initiatives in your workplace

A free online resource for small to medium businesses from Beyond Blue called Business in Mind.




Question, Persuade, Refer
Three steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide.

Online training that provides:

  • knowledge and skills to identify warning signs that someone may be suicidal
  • confidence to talk to them about suicidal thoughts
  • connect them with professional care.

Cost = $10 per licence
Takes 60 minutes 

 Click here to find out more.

From Suicide Prevention Collaborative Illawarra Shoalhaven.


 Mental Health in the Workplace

how to promote mental health initiatives in your workplace -  

New Toolkit available for Mental Health Professionals  

Intellectual Disability Mental Health Core Competency Framework: A Manual for Mental Health Professionals


Retention Boost your Business.

Profitable businesses align people with strategy.
You don't need to go out of the area to find HR expertise.
Working together to improve Mental Illness in the Shoalhaven.
Partnership with UOW Shoalhaven Campus.

young professionals debate the big issues! 

Simple Access to Information for information and services for business.

Small Business Resource - ASIC

If you operate a small business as a company or under a business name, you need to meet a number of obligations under the laws ASIC administers.
Here you’ll find information to help you better understand your responsibilities.

Recent Job Openings

This space is available to spba members to promote work and career opportunities within your firms in the Shoalhaven.

To promote your opportunity please contact us to send through your information.

Shoalhaven City Council

See website for details


If your business is interested in being part of a dynamic and connected professional industry business group, contact us to request a membership form.

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