Speach craft
Improve your public speaking

Speechcraft Course - Nowra Toastmasters - Commencing Feb 2021

What will you learn?

1. Control Nerves

2. Construct a speech

3. Learn voice projection and vocal variety.

4. Learn how gestures help your presentation and body language.

5. Practice in a friendly and supportive setting.

6, Grow confidence in presenting.

Who is it for?

1. New speakers with no experience and anyone wanting to brush up their skills

2. Business people wanting to enhance their client pitches or team presentations.

3. Students wanting to practice presenting their work/research etc.

4. Allied health or other professionals wanting to practice presenting a conference or workshop.

5. Anyone needed to practice speaking in a social setting such as networking.

When is it on?

Intro Night - Starts in 2 weeks 4th Feb - 18 March

6 weeks of Public Speaking Training

Face to Face - each week we will work through a workbook and have short speeches to present.

If Covid 19 causes a shut down we will transfer the course to zoom.


Waymount Farm - 23 West Cambewarra Rd North Nowra.



What does this cover?

Workbooks and manuals


Tea, coffee and supper for 6 weeks.

Feedback from experienced speakers.

What is the Committment?

To be prepared to write short speeches and present them each week and

be involved in impromtu sessions of speaking "of the cuff"

Commit to 6 weeks and a certificate of attainment will be given for your CV and a letter to your employer.

What will you achieve?

Grow in confidence as a public speaker

Face your fears and realize you can speak in public

Practice in a safe setting and this flows onto your career and personal confidence.

Help fulfill your career goals.

What if I can't make these dates and I want to work on my public speaking?

No problem. Come to a Toastmasters Meeting. We will help you as a beginner or where ever you are with your speaking skills.

We meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at UOW Shoalhaven Campus Mundamia.


Only 10 spots available in the course and we have just started advertising so get in early.