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Are you a young professional living or working in the Shoalhaven?

Shoalhaven Young Professionals is a sub-group of the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association. A social group for young professionals around the Shoalhaven.

Shoalhaven Young Professionals

Its prime purpose is as a social group for young professionals around the Shoalhaven. Meeting monthly, events range from getting together for lunch, taking advantage of some of the fabulous walks/hikes around the area, right through to joining the annual SPBA barefoot bowls evening.

We understand that often in this area as the businesses are smaller than those in the big cities there often isn’t the same opportunities to socialise after work - and we aim to change that through SYP.

Who is SYP for?

The Shoalhaven Young Professionals is for anyone aged between 18 and 35 OR, anyone new to their profession or industry. Whether you work for someone else or run your own show, you’re welcome at the events, as are your friends and/or partners.

There’s no membership fee or on-going commitment, at each event everyone just pays their own way for food, drinks etc.

How to get involved?

Just drop a quick email at our Contact us Page and you’ll be added to the emails advising of the details for upcoming events. At the same time, jump on over to

Can’t wait to see you at the next event!

Have questions?

Here’s some of the common ones - and for any others, just drop at the Contact us page.

Q: Is there a membership fee for SYP?

A: No! There is no annual fee for being a part of Shoalhaven Young Professionals, our aim is to connect people together who live and work in the Shoalhaven. We just ask that at each event, everyone pays for their own food, drinks etc.

Q: Do I have to RSVP for events?

A: Yes please. As a lot of our events involve meeting for lunch, or other activities that require us to let the venue
know the expected numbers then we do need you to RSVP. The details of how to do this for each event are always included in the emails or on the facebook posts.

Q: I’m 36, can I still be an ‘SYPer’?

A: Of course, the ‘age limit’ is really just a guide and we will still welcome you with open arms. We also openly welcome people of all ages who are new to their industry or professions.